Memocom B.V. is the exclusive distributor of Commence software in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

We also provide Commence service, consultancy and act as a worldwide knowledge center around Commence. We provide various Commence training sessions from a Commence introduction training to an advanced Report viewer scripting training. Memocom is also the living example of using Commence; we love Commence! Memocom is fully automated with Commence, we always use new versions for at least 4 weeks internally before we ship them to our customers.

Our team

The Memocom team consists of highly qualified consultants that can help your organization. Our team holds experienced business process designers, automation/optimization experts and skilled technical consultants. With this team we run our projects and support services as smoothly as possible. We get energy from complex business challenges that can be solved and supported by state of the art IT. 

Memocom also has local presence in several countries throughout the EU. By working with resellers we ensure the power and benefits of Commence and the flexibility of a local partner. We work closely with our partners and international customers. That’s why Memocom delivers full operational support and project capabilities on an international level. 


Technology changes matters around us with an immense speed. The ability to lead our customers through all IT possibilities and business challenges with proven technology depends on our employees. That is why Memocom is always looking to come into contact with highly skilled and highly motivated people. 

Our most important key values are:

  • The customer always comes first; 
  • Technology is what we live for; 
  • Collaborating with customers and partners creates our energy. 

Do you want to discover what we can do for each other? Leave your contact details, we’ll call you!