Commence Framework

A complete solution that is arguably the most flexible software in the industry.

Add fields and tables, edit views and reports, establish data relationships, change screen layouts, even add additional functionality and business processesĀ without programming expertise.


Rapidly design, prototype, build and deploy comprehensive business solutions
For more than two decades Commence has set the standard for quality in application development tools
Completely customizable with easy integration to many front and back office systems
A solid product with a comprehensive set of features used by businesses around the world
Ideal for Networks
Applications built with Commence are scalable and may be deployed in a hosted Application Service environment
Series of Application Templates
Ready to use – track and manage people, projects, images and moreā€¦

Comprehensive Technology

Application Development Tool
Tailor the pre-built applications or quickly design departmental solutions to efficiently capture, manage and analyze information
Database Engine
Create custom tables, fields and databases to capture and store data
Workflow Engine
Establish rules for sharing and routing data
Synchronization Engine
Share vital information with desktop and remote users
Forms Designer
Design custom forms to present and capture information
Performance Monitoring
Automatically monitor workgroup performance

Delivery Models

Commence can be delivered in several ways according to your need. Commence can be delivered as SaaS or in an on-premise installation. Within our SaaS-model the back-end will be hosted in the Memocom Datacenters. Clients are able to use a local version as well so that the risk of losing connection is eliminated.

Business Intelligence

  • Commence offers transparant and easy to use graphical dashboards
  • Full integration with major available business intelligence suits if needed
  • Adjust your information and visualizations according to your need
  • Make decisions data driven with more business information then ever before