Commence Framework

80% Out of the box

We work with standard building blocks, which means that 80% of your solution is out-of-the-box and the last 20% we custom configure for your situation. Our delivery models are as flexible as can be: whether you would like to configure your own application/process or that we do it for you. Everything is possible. Our capabilities are at the highest standard in the market. We have the possibility to support your organization on every angle.

No programming needed

Rapidly automate, optimize and support your business processes. We configure instead of programme code which means a time and cost benefit of over 80%.

Integrate with IT landscape

Because of our standard building blocks it's very easy to migrate existing data and integrate with every application/service available.

Flexibel → SaaS + On-Premise

Our solutions can always be delivered the way you need it. Whether we host the back-end, deliver as a service or an on-premise deployment. We adjust to your needs.

Scalable and Afordable

Since we use standard building blocks our technology is proven with regards to performance and stability. Because of the architecture flexible scalability is ensured.